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miniatuur-versterker Mini ?57 Twin-Amp?, houten behuizing, 2W, 2×2″ speakers “The Mini ?57 Twin is a super-cool little jammer with a realistic vintage visual vibe. The genuine tweedcovered wood cab contains built-in distortion power, volume, and tone controls plus one serious watt of power and 2 – 2? speakers. A 9V power adapter jack can be used in place of the 9V battery. Plug into the 1/4? headphone jack to get genuinely cool tone for practicing or even use it as a line out to a power amp or recording gear. Features: Super-realistic look, 1 watt, 2 – 2? speakers, tweed-covered wood cab, built-in distortion, power, volume, and tone controls, 9V power adapter jack, and 1/4? headphone jack.”



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